Award Nominations

LqP County is a wonderful place to live
because of the great people!

Annually there are three different awards given out at the LqP County Fair:

  • Century Farm Recognition
  • Outstanding Female Senior Citizen
  • Outstanding Male Senior Citizen

Family tradition is very important to family farmers.  If your family has been on your acreage for at least 100 years and you meet the other criteria, the LqP County Farm Bureau wants you to know you could be recognized as a local Century Farm.  For more details, contact David Bergeson with the LqP County Farm Bureau.

One way we can show our appreciation for the efforts of our many citizens, especially those Senior Citizens who volunteer for many different events and occasions, is to recognize their outstanding efforts with this annual award.  Each year during the LqP County Fair the award is presented to one male and one female in Lac qui Parle County.

For details on the Deadline for application submissions for the LqP County Outstanding Senior Citizen Award contact Julie Olson on the LqP County Fairboard.

Presentations for the Outstanding Senior Citizens and the Century Farm awards will be made on Thursday at 3 p.m. in the LqP County Fair Event Center.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Outstanding Senior Citizen award or if you would like to submit an application for your family farm to be recognized as a Century Farm, use the appropriate form below.  Local contact people include:  Julie Olson for the Outstanding Senior Citizen Nominations and David Bergeson (LqP County Farm Bureau) for details on the Century Farm program.

sr citizen

 If you have any questions, call Julie Olson at 320-598-7859.

For a local contact go to our Contact Page