There is a large collection of Lac qui Parle County Fair history at the Lac qui Parle County Museum, including photos and a scrapbook of past LqP Fair Events!



The very first county fair in Lac qui Parle County was in 1873 and took place at Lac qui Parle Village.  This event was a one-day fair that included one cow on display.

In 1875 the LqP County Fair included a horse race with a $1.00 entry fee for a chance at a First Prize of $3.00 for the winner.

In 1886 the Lac qui Parle County Fair Board decided to move the fair to Madison and has been held annually ever since!


How do you pick your 4H winners for the state fair if the county fair is held AFTER the state fair? Doesn’t having the county fair after school starts cut down on the attendance at the county fair?


The 4-H has an achievement day in early August where all the judging of projects is done. We have had it this way forever and it works.

Not when the tradition has been going on so long! Our late afternoons and evenings are packed with food, fun and lots of people for Thursday & Friday. Spending all day Saturday & Sunday at the LqP County Fair is a tradition for many!!!

old photo 2

old photo 1

If you are interested in more history about the LqP County Fair we encourage you to visit the Lac qui Parle County Museum …..