Alfy’s Puppets

“World of Robotic Puppets”

A popular attraction from the previous years at the Lac qui Parle County Fair is back again to entertain the young & old!  Stop, watch and Enjoy ….

Alfy's World of Robotic Puppets 


These fun-filled life size puppets could be roaming our event, charming everyone from two to a hundred and two. Different puppet characters could make their joyous appearance to unsuspecting visitors at your event. Through the “magic” of radio control, these life-like puppets will be visiting and sharing jokes and quips with unsuspecting event goers.

Who will you see?

  • Oinky the Pig
  • Nathan the Horse
  • Clarence the Cow
  • Ginko the Yellow Hairy Monster
  • Inko the Green Hairy Monster
  • Hugh the True Blue Police Officer
  • Fred the Farmer
  • One Eyed Jack the Pirate
  • Uncle Sam’s Son

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