Alfy’s Puppets

“World of Robotic Puppets”

A popular attraction from previous years at the Lac qui Parle County Fair is back again to entertain the young & old!  Stop, watch and Enjoy ….

Alfy's World of Robotic Puppets 


These fun-filled life size puppets could be roaming our event, charming everyone from two to a hundred and two. Different puppet characters could make their joyous appearance to unsuspecting visitors at your event. Through the “magic” of radio control, these life-like puppets will be visiting and sharing jokes and quips with unsuspecting event goers.

Who will you see?

  • Oinky the Pig
  • Nathan the Horse
  • Clarence the Cow
  • Ginko the Yellow Hairy Monster
  • Inko the Green Hairy Monster
  • Hugh the True Blue Police Officer
  • Fred the Farmer
  • One Eyed Jack the Pirate
  • Uncle Sam’s Son

Alfy’s “World of Robotic Puppets” has receive d praises across the United States with appearances in fairs from the Northern reaches of Minnesota to the southern boards of Arizona. They have also been featured at the Mall of America, St. Paul Saint’s Baseball, benefits, and numerous trade shows, and ev ents for seniors and youth. Their version of an Irish leprechaun has been the hit of the various St. Patrick’s parades.

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